Solitaire 2

Solitaire 2

Solitaire 2 1.10 is a suite of 10 solitaire card games for the PC

Solitaire 2 1.10 is a suite of solitaire card games for the PC.
This version come with 10 different variations of the Solitaire Card Game: Spider, Lucky Fans, Circle, 21 Blitz, Propeller, Monte Carlo, Accordion, Carfield, Russian and Vanishing Cross.

Each game has its own rules, that are briefly explained when you select any of them. You can read the rules whenever you want, during the gameplay.

In most of the games the objective is the same: you´ll have to move all cards onto the foundation piles, building them up in suit from Ace to King.

The differences between games are in the way to play cards.

You can always mute the game, replay the hand, view the high scores, the rules, change the settings (sound effects, music, table color, screen, detect game over), go to main menu (to choose another game), or exit the game.

In Circle you eliminate cards from the table by matching cards whose values add up to 13. In 21Blitz you´ll have to place cards onto the grid so that they add up to 21 across or down.

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  • It´s a very attractive set of solitaires, with nice graphics and sound


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